Medicare Basics

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Medicare Basics manual reviews the key components of a successful Medicare program. Knowing Medicare Basics for Part A and B is essential to ensure compliance with regulations. Corresponding forms, tracking logs and QA documents for implementation by the SNF are provided.  

The Medicare Basics manual includes:

  • Part A and B Compliance requirements
  • Detailed procedures that include the "how to" for each key component.
  • Forms are included for each step needed for your program.
  • All Medicare required forms are included.
  • QA audit tools to monitor your systems.
  • A "systems" check list.
  • 36 Medicare Nursing Charting guidelines.

The Medicare Basics manual covers:

  • Medicare regulations
  • PPS RUGs qualifiers
  • Part A Program and Compliance
  • Pre-admission and admission process with forms and QA checks.
  • Level of care and nursing skilled documentation requirements.
  • Physician certification forms and QA logs.
  • Daily and weekly Medicare meetings and tools.
  • Triple Check QA
  • Procedures for denial notices and generic notices Part A and B.
  • Part B Program and Compliance
  • Procedures and forms for how to respond to an ADR
  • Process for Appeals and manual reviews

Guidance and forms are provided for the following:

  • Part A - Step by step procedures for admissions and continued stays
  • Level of care and nursing skilled documentation requirements
  • Procedures for denials notices and generic notices
  • Part B - Compliance requirements
  • Forms for each step needed in your program
  • QA audit tools to monitor your systems
  • A "systems" check list
  • 36 Medicare Nursing Charting guidelines
  • Part B Program Compliance
  • Procedures for ARD, and Appeals for manual reviews 

This manual is provided in hard copy.  All forms and QA audits are provided in hard copy and on CD.

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