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Medicare Skilled Nursing Documentation

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Item Number: 033
Manufacturer: Polaris Group

Are you satisfied with your Medicare Skilled Nursing Documentation. This manual provides a training handout and webinar on CD as well as a procedure manual with charting guidelines for multiple common SNF Medicare Admissions. Provide your staff with the training and resources they need to achieve effective documentation strategies.

The Medicare Skilled Nursing Documentation Manual includes:

  • Outlines Medicare Eligibility requirements.
  • Reviews practical matter, medical necessity, and spell of illness.
  • Describes, in detail, skilled level of care criteria.
  • Provides examples of objective documentation to support skilled services and MDS coding.
  • Outlines documentation criteria for each type of skilled services with focus on key areas to address.
  • Provides concrete examples of documentation needed to support therapy.
  • Includes resources such as 36 charting guidelines for common medical problems designed to guide nursing documentation.
  • This program is designed to help your facility prepare for new survey protocol.
  • Nursing documentation training handout and webinar on CD.

The manual is provided in hard copy.
All forms are provided in hard copy and on CD.
Also included is the webinar training CD.