Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management Manual

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Manufacturer: Polaris Group
Have you updated your program to match MDS 3.0 and CAAs?
Do you have the best practices in place? Your pressure ulcer program should ensure your compliance with F314. This manual outlines key components of a successful pressure ulcer prevention program.  All forms and procedures have been updated to MDS 3.0 and CAAs.


The Pressure Ulcer Program manual includes:

  • Review of the components key to a successful Pressure Ulcer prevention program.
  • Suggested procedures & policies designed to help you achieve compliance.
  • Forms for Pressure Ulcer assessment, turning, risk, tracking, weekly monitors, QA and more.  Extensive sample forms for assessments, investigations and tracking are provided
  • Copy of surveyor guidance & investigative protocol for F314
  • Recommendations for care planning.
  • Sample forms and procedures provided in Word for easy modification on USB/Flash Drive

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