PPS Training Manual - UPDATED TO OCT 1, 2018 CHANGES

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Understanding how to implement RUG-IV with MDS 3.0 is imperative to mitigate the loss of Medicare revenue.  Polaris Group provides a comprehensive training and procedure manual which includes tools for communication and case management to help achieve compliance and optimal revenue. 

*Updated to new rules effective Oct 1, 2018.

The RUG-IV Prospective Payment System Manual includes:

  • Overview of PPS Payment Systems and RUG-IV.
  • Detailed review of each RUG-IV qualifier.
  • Review of Case-Mix Index Rates, and how RUGs are achieved and payment determined.
  • Details on ADL scoring methodology are provided.
  • An entire chapter on accurate coding of RUG items on the MDS 3.0 for optimal revenue. Includes details on important dates e.g. End of Medicare Stay, Therapy End and Start Dates, and Discharge Dates.
  • Assessment forms for Interviews and Cue Cards, as well as data gathering forms for ADLs and Nursing Restorative.
  • Best Practices for all Medicare MDS: 5-day, 14-day, 30-day and 90-day to ensure highest RUG achievement.
  • Detailed review of each type of OMRA - Change of Therapy, End of Therapy, and with resumption, Start of Therapy MDS requirements with multiple detailed, easy-to-understand case studies which describe how to correctly complete MDS in complex situations to ensure compliance and revenue.
  • Impact of missed and late assessments and impact on billing.
  • Overview of Short Stay requirements with case studies.
  • Understand Section Z and impact on Claim and Assessment Indicators.  
  • Completing MDSs for Medicare Advantage patients.
  • Tools for communication and quick reference include:
    • Stand Up Meeting
    • Weekly Medicare Meetings
    • Part A Triple Check Tool
    • MDS 100-day Management Tools
    • Assessment Indicator Combination reference
    • MDS Schedule Quick Reference
    • MDS Due Management tool
    • Census Reconciliation RUG tool
    • Billing Communication Tool

Forms and Procedures provided on USB/Flash Drive for easy implementation