Rehabilitation Aide and Technician Training

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Healthcare demands and regulatory influences have put increasing pressure on care providers to improve resident care efficiencies. A properly trained and supervised Rehab Aide/Tech can provide additional value to a therapy team.  It is critical for rehab providers to have a highly-trained workforce that may include the Rehab Aide/Tech.

Rehabilitation Aide and Technician Training Manual

Under supervision of your licensed therapist, your facility staff can utilize the information provided in this manual to train your Rehab Aide/Techs.*

Developed by RehabCare Group, this training manual will help decrease your risk of both resident and staff injuries. All forms are provided on CD for easy modification and implementation.

Guidance and forms are provided for the following:

  • Job descriptions.
  • Detailed lesson plans with post tests.
  • Skill testing checklists with competency assessments - validation.
  • Resident confidentiality.
  • Anatomy, ROM, ambulation, exercise equipment, hot/cold treatments, etc.
  • Advanced topics (Ex. CVA).
  • Medical terminology, common abbreviations.

*State Practice Acts must be reviewed for state-specific guidelines prior to implementation of a 

Rehab Aide/Tech into the rehabilitation process.