PDPM Training & Procedure Manual

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PDPM Training & Procedure Manual
(Updated March 2020)


Understanding how to implement Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is imperative to mitigate the loss of Medicare revenue as we transition to this new payment model. The complexities of this new payment system for SNFs can feel overwhelming to learn and implement.  

Polaris Group provides a comprehensive training and procedure manual which includes PDPM resources, coding tips, and procedures and forms to help achieve compliance and accurate revenue. 

The PDPM Training and Procedure Manual includes:

  • Overview of Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) and Medicare Requirements.
  • Detailed review of PDPM qualifiers for each component of the rate and final rates for FY2020.
  • An entire chapter on accurate coding of PDPM items on the MDS 3.0 for accurate revenue. Each MDS item coding is reviewed which includes the Component the item impacts under PDPM.
  • Includes review of key dates such as Medicare End Date, Discharge Assessment requirements, and PPS MDS discharge requirements.
    • Assessment forms for Interviews and Cue Cards
    • Detailed resources for coding ICD-10 items and Section I
  • Review of requirements of 5-day MDS under PDPM.
  • Review requirements and best practices related to Interim Payment Assessment: when to trigger an IPA.
  • Includes IPA scenarios to help understand when an IPA might be triggered.
  • Detailed review of Interrupted Stay Policy; how it works.
    • How to code Interrupted Stays on Discharge MDS and impact on Medicare End Dates and Physician certifications.
  • Review of HIPPS Modifiers for each component of the rate and example claims.
  • Provides Procedures and forms for systems needed for success under PDPM include pre-admission, admission, PDPM Huddle, weekly Medicare meetings, and Triple Check.
  • Teaching Scenarios provided to enhance understanding of PDPM.
    • ICD-10 Coding Scenarios and answers
    • Function Score Case studies and answers
    • IPA Scenarios and answers
    • Practice calculating PDPM CMGs from two sample MDS with answers
  • PDPM Basics Training Handout with Recording which provides three hours of training to PDPM Basics.
  • PPS MDS Forms.
Tools for communication, procedures, and quick references for easy modification for your facility include:
  • PDPM Quick Reference
  • Pre-admission Screening Tool
  • Daily Stand-up meeting Tool
  • PDPM Huddle Tool and procedures
  • Weekly Medicare agenda and Tool
  • Part A Triple Check Tool and procedures
  • HIPPS Modifier reference
  • Example claims and revenue impact

Forms and Procedures and recording provided on USB/Flash Drive for easy implementation