Prime Webinar Program - Unlimited Live Webinars

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Prime Webinar Program

Pay one price for UNLIMITED Live webinars for the year for your facility! 
Only $975 for your facility staff to receive unlimited live webinar trainings for a 12-month period!

1 Annual Fee = Unlimited Live Webinar Access*

For a one-time fee of $975 per year, you and your facility staff will have unlimited access to all of our live webinars for a 12-month period!!
Become a member of our Prime Webinar Program Today!
Purchase our Prime Webinar Program for unlimited access to our live webinars which offer multiple topics every month.  
Polaris Group offers one to two hour live webinar trainings that your individual facility joins at the designated time. Immediately after the training, there is a Q&A session for real-time answers to your questions. With a facility registration, multiple staff members at your facility may participate in the training session. Extensive handouts are provided via EMAIL for you to distribute to your facility participants. Nursing CECs provided for each training.

Each month Polaris Group hosts approximately 6-9 Live webinars on various topics.

The topics may include:

  • PDPM
  • ICD-10-CM Impact on PDPM
  • Phase 3 Rules
  • Medicare Compliance
  • Consolidated Billing
  • UB-04 Review 

*Prime Webinar memberships are for single facilities. Multi-facility organizations will need to purchase a membership for each facility. Memberships cannot be shared among facilities or vendors of facilities.

After purchasing this program, every month, once you have determined which webinar session(s) you and/or your individual facility would like to participate in, please email with your name, title, phone number, email address, the name of your facility and which webinar you wish to attend (Date and Topic Title preferred).