Comprehensive Billing Series – Part 4: UB04 Review

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Presented on June 22, 2017

Institutional providers must use the UB-04 for billing Medicare.
UB-04 instructions will be reviewed and step-by-step review of each field locator will be addressed.  

Training Content:

  • Review UB-04 instructions
  • Review Part B Procedure codes
  • Part B Service Based vs. Time Based fee screen codees
  • UB-04 Field Locator Review-How to complete the form, field by field review
  • Examples of correct use of occurrence, condition, span and status codes to create the appropriate UB-04 claim for:
    • Medicare Part A
    • Medicare Part B
    • G Codes (functional codes)

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand what information is needed to complete a clean claim
  • Identify UB-04 field locators
  • Be able to complete a Part A or B UB-04 claim



  • This audio is not for credit.  Only Live participation provides Nursing and Administrator credits.
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