Bowel and Bladder Management Manual

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Manufacturer: Polaris Group

Bowel and Bladder Management Program

Prevent citations with a well documented and implemented program. All materials updated to MDS 3.0. Polaris Group has compiled a manual which outlines key components of a successful bowel and bladder program, including:

  • Key components of a successful program
  • Step by step procedures to implement
  • Forms for assessment, voiding patterns, toileting and QA
  • Detailed review of types of incontinence and appropriate types of behavior modification and toileting plans needed for success
  • Indwelling catheter guidance and assessment form
  • Recommendations for care planning and toileting plans
  • A copy of survey guidance and investigative protocols for F-tag 315

The entire manual and all forms are provided in hard copy and on USB/Flash Drive for easy modification and implementation.