Chart Smart (pocket manual)

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Manufacturer: Polaris Group

Polaris Group's Chart Smart (pocket-size) manual is a powerful resource. This small, but information-packed, pocket-size manual helps you improve the quality and consistency of nursing documentation on new admissions, of Medicare skilled services, and for acute "changes in condition."   Buy as a gift for your charge nurses.  

The Chart Smart pocket-size manual includes:

Admission and Medicare Charting Guidelines:

  • Charting guidelines for 48 different clinical issues.
  • Target charting guidelines for common clinical and medical issues help guide Medicare Part A skilled nursing documentation.
  • CAA-oriented charting guidelines including what to document to help support MDS and CAAs.

Temporary Care Plans and Charting Guidelines:
Temporary care plans and charting guidelines offer an excellent resource for your front-line nurses, providing 26 different short-term care plan problems such as UTI, Falls, Behavior changes, etc.; each including:

  • Formatted problem statement
  • Goals
  • Interventions
  • Recommended charting guidelines for the alert charting