Pain Management in Long Term Care Manual

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Manufacturer: Polaris Group

Polaris Group's Pain Management in Long Term Care manual helps you to assess chronic pain, which may reduce the incidence of falls, behavior, depression, and psychoactive drug use.

The Pain Management in Long Term Care Manual reviews:

  • Pain in Long Term Care
  • Pain & the RAI Process: Coding the MDS for pain
  • Quality Measure triggers
  • Principles of Pain Assessment - Cognitively Intact and Cognitively Impaired Residents
  • Initial Screening and Comprehensive Assessment Tools
  • Key Care Plan Approaches to both drug and non-drug interventions
  • Principles in Pain Management
  • Surviving Survey
  • Best Practices
  • Role of the nurse as primary pain manager
  • Regulations related to pain
  • Medications to avoid in the elderly
  • Treatment strategies/WHO Analgesic Ladder

The manual is provided in hard copy. All forms are provided in hard copy and on USB/Flash Drive.